hbgallery 05 HUPBOX Shoe Box HUPBOX releases this unique shoe box. With a penchant for creativity and always thinking outside the box (pun intended) HUPBOX spares no effort to go that extra mile to mingle artistic sensibility with very common needs of the people. This new product is no different “providing a proper platform to display your favorite, most meaningful sneakers”. You will no longer need to even crack the box in order to appreciate your kicks. Is this the future?

Neil Barrett x Palladium

 neil barrett palladium 1 570x379 Neil Barrett x Palladium Englishmen Neil Barrett styles a pair of Palladium military boots. With a reputation for mingling  the “high” and the “low”,  Barrett is successful at turning a naturally rugged style into something a little bit more complicated and decorated, however subtle, while still putting an emphasis on performance and durability. The boot comes in a few different colorways including  black, beige, and black and white. These should be available Fall/Winter 2010.

Pierre Hardy – Spring/Summer 2010 – Footwear


pierre hardy ss10 footwear 8 570x427 Pierre Hardy   Spring/Summer 2010   FootwearThe new Pierre Hardy – Spring/Summer 2010 Footwear collection has just been released. Not straying to far from previous footwear collection, in terms of style, this new effort tries to recreate the ”simplicity” and edginess of last years very successful Nubuckorama jump offs. This time, however, there is greater selection of style including a white hi-top with blue and red leather piping. This same design also comes in all grey, black and navy suede. There is also a modified desert boot that comes in navy and grey with a tapered toe and a more fitting ankle.

KR3W Footwear 2010 – The Franklin

kr3w footwear the franklin 01 540x360 KR3W Footwear 2010 – The Franklin  As of recently we have been seeing allot from US  company KR2W’s expansion into men’s footwear. Here we have a preview of the KR3W Footwear 2010 – The Franklin; a high top,  an almost boot length, eight eyelet sneaker that comes in a series of colors and materials including black brown, grey in materials like canvas, leather and suede.

KR3W Footwear – Grey Canvas Series

KR3W Footwear 01 KR3W Footwear – Grey Canvas Series

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in the length of sneakers, due mostly to Supra’s, and one highly influential raising local rap star. KR3W Footwear, a Supra sister company continues in this tradition with its KR3W Footwear – Grey Canvas Series. The collection includes several different shoe models (hi, mid, low and ankle) including The Franklin, Jackson, Grant and Grant Lowall in the same off grey and black colorway.

Sorel Caribou Reserve

Sorel Caribou Reserve Sorel Caribou Reserve

By now, if you haven’t purchased a pair of heavy duty, rugged winter boots then your low limbs must not be to happy with you. But it is still not too late, Sorel releases the Sorel Caribou Reserve, which make my feet perspire just by looking at them. Made from by Bison leather these will more then guarantee that that your already frostbitten feet will make a speedy recovery and will allow you to continue with the rest of winter in a more energetic and comfortable fashion.

hobo x Clarks Spring/Summer 2010 Desert Boot


hobo clarks desert boots front hobo x Clarks Spring/Summer 2010 Desert Boot

Hobo and Clarks release images of their new collaborative effort the hobo x Clarks Spring/Summer 2010 Desert Boot. The result is a detailed Desert boot with all sorts of new features. The first thing that pops up at me is the use of studs which is a quickly growing fad i began to recognize just before the end of last year. These come in two colors and should be available soon.

FAT Gumbee II Wallabee

fat gumbee ii wallabee FAT Gumbee II Wallabee

The new FAT  Gumbee II Wallabee takes me back to a more simpler nostalgic time, a time were hip hop was culturally relevant, dirty was cool and everyone had one pant leg rolled up. If you long for these now passed times and your still bumping your copy of 36 Chambers then these kicks might help you channel the times. Coming in the classic Wallabee  silhouette and in a bold red color these can be found in select retailers.

Yuketen 2010 Spring/Summer Collection Preview

yuketen 2010 spring summer collection preview 01 Yuketen 2010 Spring/Summer Collection Preview

Infamous outdoor shoe maker Yuketen continues to pound out winners with every drop they’ve had so far become  more or less a success, at least stylistically. This time with its Yuketen 2010 Spring/Summer Collection they continue to impress with new renditions of its popular moccasin silhouette in a combination of materials including leather and soft suede in a range of toned down colors.