Kjacques Barigoule Strap Sandal

Kjacques Barigoule Strap Sandal 01 Kjacques Barigoule Strap Sandal

Just by reading this site, you identify yourself as a more discerning, more style-conscious guy – so ordinary sandals just aren’t really going to cut it for you. Consider instead, these Barigoule strap sandals by Kjacques. The cut is modern, with a stripped-down sandal design, devoid of any superflous elements. However, the leather and detailing are in classic colors, giving this sandal a modern-retro appeal. Available at Opening Ceremony now.

Seil Marschall Naturemocs

Seil Marschall Naturemocs 01 Seil Marschall Naturemocs

German outdoorsing company Seil Marschall comes at us with this rugged pair of ‘Naturemocs’. Moccasins by design, these boots are made for those living a bit more rugged. The inner shoe is lined with wool for incredible warmth, while the shoe itself shows all the hallmarks of solid, quality construction. While it’s a bit warm for them now, you can pick them up now from C.H.C.M. and hold onto them for once the snow comes.

ASOS Leather Fisherman Sandal

ASOS Leather Fisherman Sandal 01 ASOS Leather Fisherman Sandal

It’s officially cottage season, which means it’s time to bust those sandals out. Don’t be satisfied with just a pair of flip flops though – you’re better than that. Check out these leather Fisherman sandals by ASOS. A low profile, organic sandal, we love the woven leather design on the uppers, giving it a sort of craft-meets-couture edge. A brilliant pair of lifestyle sandals, they’re available online now.

Undefeated & The Generic Man Preview

Undefeated The Generic Man Preview Undefeated & The Generic Man Preview

Street label Undefeated teams up with the couturiers at The Generic Man for an upcoming collaborative collection, previewed here. It’s a more high fashion take on men’s shoes, but with Undefeated’s touch for comfort and accessibility. We see some desert boots, boat shoes and chukkas in this collection, but no word on when or where we’ll be able to pick this collection up.

Archie Brogues by Grenson

Archie Brogues by Grenson 01 Archie Brogues by Grenson

British shoemakers Grenson have crafted the ‘Archie’, the quintessential British brogue. Made from a rich tan leather, and featuring classic a sturdy, hard heel that evokes the spirit of the West Midlands of England, these shoes are perfect for that getaway out of the city you’ve been planning. Leave the patent leather in your apartment, and pick these brogues up from Number Six, and make your weekend a less stressful one with a trip out to the country.

Serpentine Brogue Shoes by Oliver Sweeney

Serpentine Brogue Shoes by Oliver Sweeney 01 Serpentine Brogue Shoes by Oliver Sweeney

Among the things the Brits know how to do well are tea, cricket, bureaucracy, and a good men’s shoe, as these Serpentine brogues by Oliver Sweeney prove. There’s no pretention and no attempt to force modernity onto tradition, these brogues are made in the classic style, with leather throughout, and a solid heel – perfect for traipsing through the Highlands. Get your own pair now at asos.

Navy Desert Boot by SeaVees

Navy Desert Boot by SeaVees 01 Navy Desert Boot by SeaVees

The desert boot is a popular choice this year, but then, nautical stuff like deck shoes are hot too. Which should you pick? These Desert boots in navy blue by SeaVees give you the best of both worlds in a simple, no-fuss package. The silhouette is a classic desert shoe, but its deep, rich blue canvas upper, white contrast sole, and stitching around the toe suggesting a moc-toe, give it its nautical edge. Available now from Context.

Christian Louboutin Fall / Winter 2010 Preview

Christian Louboutin Fall   Winter 2010 Preview 01 Christian Louboutin Fall / Winter 2010 Preview

We’ve got a quick preview at the first Christian Louboutins from the upcoming fall / winter 2010 collection. Featuring wild black-and-white zebra stripe on both, we’ve got one pair of studded slip-ons as well as a pair of desert boots with rich red contrast uppers. No word on when we’ll see them in stores yet.

Needles Summer 2010 Sandals

Needles Summer 2010 Sandals 01 Needles Summer 2010 Sandals

One of the interns was just mentioning the other day, that he needed new sandals for the summer of 2010 – how lucky then that we stumbled upon this look at the offerings Needles has this year! Available in a variety of modern-yet-masculine styles, including a cordovan double strap sandal and a double ring sandal, you can find them at Nepenthes stores now.

Leather Sneakers by Matt Black

Leather Sneakers by Matt Black 01 Leather Sneakers by Matt Black

For the perfect combination of style, respectability and Sprezzatura, consider these leather sneakers by Matt Black. Though the profile is that of a classic lace-up wing-tip, the soft leather, colorful accents and soft inner betray its sneaker heritage. Not quite sneakers, yet not quite dress shoes, they’re a perfect choice for hot summer days when you still need to look smart. Available from YesStyle now.