L.L. Bean Stabilicers Lite

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L.L. Bean Stabilicers Lite 1 L.L. Bean Stabilicers Lite

With ice on the ground and frost on your chin, it’s worth keeping a pair of these L.L. Bean Stabilicers Lite in your car trunk just in case. A slip on addition to any boot or shoe, the Stabilicers provide traction with metal studs that give you the purchase you need in the ice. Available online now, in four different colors.

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 L.L. Bean Stabilicers Lite

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2 thoughts on “L.L. Bean Stabilicers Lite

  1. Stabilicers have kept me safe in some slippery situations. I love on an island off the coast of Maine and my home is in the woods and well off-road. They have never let me down. This winter I am trying a pair of Stabilicers Lite. I think that they will be so easy to put in my bag to take to town with me for climbing down that icy hill to the wharf. These are an excellent product!

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