Minnetonka Two-Button Boot

Minnetonka Two Button Boot 1 Minnetonka Two Button Boot

Minnetona goes tribal with this two-button boot, a suede, fringed number perfect for getting in touch with your outdoorsy side. A soft suede boot, with big metallic buttons on the side, it’s a wonderful unstructured piece, in an attractive orange shade. Available online now.

Crockett & Jones Islay

Crockett Jones Islay 1 Crockett & Jones Islay

From the workshops at Crockett & Jones, comes the Islay, a supple brown leather brogued boot. Durable full grain leather is used for the construction of these high rise boots, a fine compliment to the stacked heel. Stud and eye lacing complete the look, resulting in a boot that’s both stylish, and reliable enough for those longer walks in the country. Available online now.

Ted Baker Masou Chunky Desert Boots

Ted Baker Masou Chunky Desert Boots 1 Ted Baker Masou Chunky Desert Boots

Ted Baker crafts the Masou, a beautiful pair of chunky desert boots, perfect for the cooler weather. Baker uses a thick polished brown leather for the uppers, and places them on a traditional stacked heel, resulting in a sturdier piece of work that provides a comfortable, sturdy walk. Available online now.

Sandinista AK Monkey Boot

Sandinista AK Monkey Boot Sandinista AK Monkey Boot

Sandinista produces the AK Monkey boot, a curious combination of sneaker and boot. Taking a look at the design, you can clearly see the Converse connection on the uppers, making the soft suede ride comfortably on the leg. Meanwhile, the heavy white outsole gives the shoe the definitely look and feel of a boot. Available online in two colorways now.

KG By Kurt Geiger Hook Strapped Pull-On Boots

KG By Kurt Geiger Hook Strapped Pull On Boots 1 KG By Kurt Geiger Hook Strapped Pull On Boots

If you like the more complex, layered look, KG by Kurt Geiger makes these intricate hook strapped pull-on boots, seemingly just for your. A set of three wraparound straps gives these boots both character and fit. A great brown leather boot, you can find it online now.

Roberu Plain Toe Work Boot

Roberu Plain Toe Work Boots 11 Roberu Plain Toe Work Boot

In the world of the workboot, some names are supreme – Red Wing, Timberland, Wolverine – yet, Roberu shakes things up with their own plain toe offering. Made of a richly tanned leather, these are top grade hand made boots, featuring an Italian vibram sole and available in both a camel and russet color. Orders are open online now.

Diesel Peon Boots

Diesel Peon Boots 1 Diesel Peon Boots

Don’t let the name of the Diesel Peon fool you; these are some top quality boots. Rendered in a rich coffee brown suede, these side strap boots feature a fine wedge heel in white rubber, an outstanding cold weather choice. Available now from ssense.

Zuriick Nico Boot

Zuriick Nico Boot 1 Zuriick Nico Boot

Zuriick is hard at work making shoes you love; shoes like the Nico, a beautiful black ankle boot. Made of beautiful black leather, the boots feature a sneaker like lacing system, granting the wearing a whole new level of comfort. Available now at Urban Outfitters.

Diesel 78 Sins Brando Boots

Diesel 78 Sins Brando Boots 1 Diesel 78 Sins Brando Boots

Fresh from Diesel’s drafting board comes the 78 Sins Brando boots. A pair of black riding boots, these black boots feature unique suede and leather paneling, giving a smart looking two tone texture. Running high on the leg, these are a great, fashionable pair of boots. Available online now.