Abington Hiker Boot

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abington hiker boot 01 Abington Hiker Boot

In the past year, this workwear trend has gone from burgeoning to ubiquitous, with every label trying to roll out a slice of classic Americana.  Abington, Timberland’s premium line, has been at it for years, crafting line after line of rugged, durable footwear. Their latest hiking boot just confirms that practice makes perfect. Each pair is made with rich, premium leather from Horween Leather Co. (a Chicago-based company founded in 1905), a melton wool collar,  and a Vibram outsole – suffice to say, they’ll stand up to the elements. The Abington Hiker is an excellent option for anyone looking for a warm, sturdy, stylish winter boot. More photos after the jump.

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 Abington Hiker Boot

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 Abington Hiker Boot

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