Adidas Originals ‘Hide And Seek’ Stan Smith 80’s TF

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adidas originals hideandseek stan smith 80s TF img 1 Adidas Originals Hide And Seek Stan Smith 80s TF

Behold the union of two classics: the gene pools of Adidas favorites, the low-top Superstar and mid-cut Stan Smith 80’s, combine to create the Adidas Originals TF ‘Hide and Seek.’ These slick shoes literally transform from high-tops to a low-cut design with a simple tug on the zipper located at the base of the upper. Adidas two-in-one shoes provide the wearer with the Stan Smith 80’s black high-top option with blue nylon inserts or the black-accented blue nylon Superstar. The Autobots of the shoe world are now available at select Adidas retailers.

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