ASOS Toe-Loop Sandals

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ASOS Toe Loop Sandals 01 ASOS Toe Loop Sandals

For those going for a more minimal look, ASOS has these Toe-Loop sandals ready for your consideration. The construction is beautiful in its minimal simplicity – two loops with a stretch of leather to keep the whole thing together, but the bare minimalism of it strikes a satisfying chord. The soles are even embossed with a paisley design for that extra bit of something special. Get your own pair here, before hitting the beach this summer.

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 ASOS Toe Loop Sandals

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One thought on “ASOS Toe-Loop Sandals

  1. Hi Guys,

    Is there anyplace that has this type of men’s toe-loop sandal in stock. I live in San Diego. I could sell a ton of these sandals if there was a supplier outside of the UK and/or had sufficient stock.

    Please let me know if I can at least find one pair for me. Thanks. You can also call me at 1-619-240-4263.

    Maybe I should find someone local who will make them??


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