New Balance 576 Pub Pack

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New Balance 576 Pub Pack 01 New Balance 576 Pub Pack

New Balance releases three new 576 variants in this Pub pack, with each sneaker taking inspiration from names of traditional British pubs. British pubs typically take their names from English history, referencing incidents like the execution of Charles I (The King’s Head), and his young son being hidden in a tree (The Royal Oak).

So it’s classic traditions and modern sneaker styling that comes together in this set, with names like the King’s Head, The Royal Oak and The Red Lion. The King’s Head is done in a royal blue leather, with a detailed crown embroidered on the tongue; The Red Lion features lush red leather and a lion embroidered onto the tongue, and the Royal Oak is done in a lush natural brown, with an acorn on the tongue. This is a spectacular mash of old and new.

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 New Balance 576 Pub Pack

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