New Balance Custom 574US

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New Balance Custom 574US 01 New Balance Custom 574US

The US574 is one of the best New Balance silhouettes, period, and it’s also the model chosen by the brand to be the official canvas of its first foray into custom-designed sneakers. On April 5th, the Shop New Balance micro-site will go live, and you will be able to craft your own 574 choosing from a range of colour options in premium materials. After that, it will be individually assembled by New Balance staff in the USA. Some nice touches include the option of a leather back tab, words of up to eight characters (also on the back), nine colours of embroidery thread and even which color you want the woven label. Once you’ve finished your sneaker wizardry, you’ll have your creation delivered to you within about a week. See more about this very welcome initiative over at New Balance.

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