Beatrix Ong Desert Boots

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beatrixong Beatrix Ong Desert Boots

Beatrix Ong Desert Boots are a nice simple summer design to choose. These come in different colourful suedes to extend your colours even more for the summer. Traditionally a women’s footwear brand that specializes in heels, the Men’s collection just started in the Spring / Summer of 2010. The desert boots come in vibrant suede colours of yellow, purple, and brown. All with black leather laces and ecru stitching in the upper, coupled with a white sole and rounded toe, this boot is designed for summer. A pair of shorts, a plain white tee and no socks with these desert boots and you’re trendy for the metropolitan streets. Available exclusively at for £167.00 (approximately $250 US).

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 Beatrix Ong Desert Boots

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 Beatrix Ong Desert Boots

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