Bed|Stu Footwear Spring 2010

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With an emphasis on craftsmanship, Brooklyn-inspired design outfit Bed|Stu has amassed a well deserved cult following of individuals that appreciate the classic techniques and materials that go into these shoes. Competitively priced, and with styles ranging from traditional deck shoes to high fashion boots, Bed|Stu footwear is sure to leave an impression. Available for purchase via Bed|

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 Bed|Stu Footwear Spring 2010

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2 thoughts on “Bed|Stu Footwear Spring 2010

  1. I always get great complements every time i wear my pair of Bed|Stu shoes. Not only are their designs stand out from the rest of the other brands, they are incredibly comfortable!

  2. As a woman, I can tell you these shoes are HOT! I would love my guy to wear a pair of those boots… very stylist, sexy, yet rugged at the same time.

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