Chatham Marine Deck Shoes

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For the casual wearer, Sperry has become the deck shoe’s alpha and omega. True aficionados, on the other hand, know there’s a whole host of labels making shoes as stylish, comfortable, and functional as the vaunted Top-Sider. Chatham Marine, a British company based in Exeter, has been at it for twenty years, and it shows. Aesthetically, their deck shoe isn’t far removed from Sperry’s or Quoddy’s, but they’ve included a few key design features, including a padded tongue, and if you wear your deck shoes anything like I do, you’ll appreciate that Chatham’s are one hundred percent machine washable. Available at When We Were Casuals and at Chatham’s online store.

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 Chatham Marine Deck Shoes

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 Chatham Marine Deck Shoes

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