Converse (PRODUCT)RED Leather Jacket Chucks

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converse product red leather jacket chuck taylor 3 Converse (PRODUCT)RED Leather Jacket Chucks
Converse and the cause, RED (The cause for research and prevention of HIV/AIDS in Africa), have been doing many collaborations for the Chuck Taylors lately; and in my opinion, these are the best yet. The Leather Jacket Chuck Taylors are a complete premium red leather upper, with a thin, white, stitched outsole. What makes these quite interesting is that from the ankle to the heel there is actually a zipper, giving the appearance of a leather jacket. Also, a zipper lining surrounds the eyelets, which makes this particular pair of Chucks very, very creative. The sneakers will retail for $200 on the dot, and be available in unisex sizes. These will be ready for retail on national World AIDS Day on December 1st; buy them at
Source: Hypebeast.

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 Converse (PRODUCT)RED Leather Jacket Chucks

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