Gourmet Spring 2010 Sneak Peek

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gourmet 2010 spring collection 4 Gourmet Spring 2010 Sneak Peek
If you’re not already familiar with Gourmet, then you have a lot to learn, my friend. Probably one of the most creative sneaker brands out there right now (I’m not blowing smoke, I have two pairs, soon to be three). Last seasons creative line featured side-laced sneakers, and duck boot mid-top sneakers. Who else do you know would come with something as great as a duck boot sneaker. This upcoming Spring, Gourmet has gone above and beyond; pony hair (and also rich, dark cream leather). Now I doubt it’s real pony hair (but who knows?), but they’re beautiful. The line holds the Tredici’s, Quattro’s, and Dieci’s in brown, white, gray, and dark cream leather. Head to Gourmet for more styles.
Source: Sneakerfiles.

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 Gourmet Spring 2010 Sneak Peek

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