G-Star Raw Fall / Winter 2010 Lookbook

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G Star Raw Fall   Winter 2010 Lookbook 01 G Star Raw Fall / Winter 2010 Lookbook

We hear bits and snippets about G-Star Raw and their footwear here and there, so when they offered to send us the fall / winter 2010 lookbook, we jumped at the chance. The collection is a mix of boots and sneakers for the cooling weather – the boots and sneakers feature some beautiful classic designs that include fine details such as nice broguing and low-key leather sneakers that have a brilliant retro appeal to them.

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3 thoughts on “G-Star Raw Fall / Winter 2010 Lookbook

  1. Hey Dear,
    is anyone able to tell me, where i can buy these boots??? especially the ones of the second picture…if you know an online shop please tell me the name..

  2. Hi ARCO,

    The G-Star Raw Fall / Winter 2010 collection should be at retailers soon, if they’re not there already. To find a store near you, you can use the G-Star store locator, found here. I hope this helped!

  3. Hey Shoebuff,
    thank you for answering so fast!i didnĀ“t found them here in germany in any shop:( so i hoped that i could find them in an online-shop…
    But maybe the collection will be at retailers here in germany soon,too!
    (by the way…please excuse me for my bad english!)

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