Mastermind JAPAN x Adidas Originals ‘Hardland’

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mastermind japan adidas originals hardland sneakers 2 Mastermind JAPAN x Adidas Originals Hardland

Mastermind Japan and Adidas have teamed up to bring a highly polished hightop into the mix. The basketball inspired ‘Hardland’ model is a perfect canvas for MMJ’s use of clean black leather uppers with contrasting outsole and skeleton logos. Not everything is black and white with this shoe though – if you look a little closer you’ll see some more subtle design choices like intricately arranged laces, looped eyelets, and of course, a bright red sole. This pair and more will see the light of day June 16th at ISETAN Shinjuku in Tokyo.

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3 thoughts on “Mastermind JAPAN x Adidas Originals ‘Hardland’

  1. Where can i get these sneakers from?? and do you guys deliver anywhere in the world?

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