Nike Terminator Hi ENG TZ

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Terminator 1 Nike Terminator Hi ENG TZ

Over on the East Coast we’re starting to experience our first round of winter weather, NYC even has a chance of snow for today! Way too soon if you ask me, but thankfully with these new Terminator’s what it doesn’t mean is that you’ll have to sacrifice your sneaker game for your duck boots just yet. These Terminator’s have a beautiful croc upper with metal rivet lace loops just like a hiking boot would to make sure you’re ready for whatever the winter streets can throw at you.

Dropping at select Tier Zero accounts only, but you can still pick up a pair from Sneakers n’ Stuff

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If you’ve been in the game a little while you probably know every Tier Zero account and have their numbers on speed dial. If you’re a new jack check out Sneaker Obsessions Tier Zero stocklist to find your pair.

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 Nike Terminator Hi ENG TZ

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 Nike Terminator Hi ENG TZ

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