Opening Ceremony Spring / Summer 2010 Boots

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Opening Ceremony Spring Summer 2010 Boots 1 Opening Ceremony Spring / Summer 2010 Boots

Boots can be hard to wear in the heat of spring and summer, so for its 2010 lineup, Opening Ceremony goes with some lightweight, all-weather pieces. Light colors and soft leather construction makes the lace-ups and low-cut boots practical for summer evenings, while heavy suedes and leather make the clunkier boots a great choice for the dying days of winter and early days of summer. Release is planned for January of 2010.

Source: Highsnobiety

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One thought on “Opening Ceremony Spring / Summer 2010 Boots

  1. Opening Ceremony really missed the mark with this collection (much like they did with the wack Japanese sizing on their collab with Pendleton). Too expensive for seasonal throwaway fashion and not classic enough to withstand the fickle tests of time. Not sure what’s going on with that double-strap monk boot in the main image but it reminds me of those Frankenstein shoes that young hippie girls wear when they think they’re dressing up. The desert boots aren’t bad but I’d still rather rock a pair of Clark’s (or the old Bata’s I use to have as a kid). Nuff said.

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