Paul Smith Pikes Boot

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Paul Smith Pikes Boot 1 Paul Smith Pikes Boot

Paul Smith unites fashion and function in a timeless recreation of the traditional worker’s boot with the new Paul Smith Pikes Boot. Paring down the workman aesthetic to a casual wearability, these boots have been soaked in dye, and tumbled in wooden drums to create the pefectly weathered boot for the season, so you don’t have to.

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 Paul Smith Pikes Boot

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  1. I think you got a bit of the manf. process wrong, there’s no way those shoes were ‘soaked in dye’, otherwise it would’ve stained other parts of the shoe (outsole) and resulted in a discoloration. Perhaps the uppers were soaked prior to assembly but that happens on virtually any distressed look to keep the level of distressed feel even.

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