Supra NS March 2010 Release

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supra NS march 2010 release img 1 Supra NS March 2010 Release

Yesterday we posted about the initial sneaker triumverate from Supra‘s NS latest release, giving only brief mention to the rest of the Supra NS line available this spring. Well, here they are in all their summery glory – the slim-soled, low-cut fabric Assault is available in navy gingham and white canvas, and the hi-top Cuttler in fresh cream canvas. These sneakers do an excellent job of bridging the gap between a voluminous and light-weight shoe, and would look great with summer shorts or slim cut jeans. These are now available from Factory413, but make sure to stay tuned for more extensive releases from Supra NS in the upcoming months…

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 Supra NS March 2010 Release

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