Timberland and Alife 40 Below Winter Boot

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timberland 40below alife 1 Timberland and Alife 40 Below Winter Boot
With fashion’s new infatuation with high-top boots, and the winter climates heading towards us; what brand is better than supplying us with great collaborations and boots than Timberland? Timberland teams up with New York sneaker and lifestyle brand Alife to create the 40 Below Boot for the winter season. Draped in thick leather, and a hearty sole, you’ll keep warm in the coldest of climates (not to mention fashionably inclined). These come in all black leather with black metal eyelets, and brown with silver metal eyelets, and both pairs are linked with a Vibram outsole. Watch out for these as they release on Friday, November 6th.
Source: Sneakerfiles.

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 Timberland and Alife 40 Below Winter Boot

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Born and bred in Pittsburgh, PA, been intimately involved with fashion for years, it is a natural passion and large part of life.

5 thoughts on “Timberland and Alife 40 Below Winter Boot

  1. Hi Kel,
    As the collaboration is from over a year ago, we’re fairly certain there aren’t any more of these. There might be a few deadstock in inventory at some specialty stores, but the shoe first went on sale in November of 2009, and may be gone by now.


  2. Good morning Sirs, I Write from Italy, where can i buy a pair?
    Do you know a European wholesaler?
    Thanks in advance.

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