Buttero Ripple Sole Boat Shoes

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Buttero ripple 05 Buttero Ripple Sole Boat Shoes

Standing as the highlight of Buttero’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection, the ribbed sole, raised top boat shoe is a beautiful blend of classic deck wear and innovative comfort. Available in a charcoal suede, and china blue leather, these refashioned deck shoes sit just below the ankle bone, allowing the shoe to be worn more formally then its loafer relatives.

The ribbed sole of the shoe offers a sharp aesthetic appeal, mimicking the crashing waves one may encounter while manning the deck, but this stylish feature offers more than meets the eye. The sole is constructed using Vibram Gumlite, a material that ensures comfortability and near weightlessness.

We can’t get enough of this innovative take on the classic deck shoe, and with Buttero hand-made quality backing these kicks, cast your old boat shoes overboard and invest in a newer model.

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