Creative Recreation Satoro & Dio Mid Boots

Creative Recreation Satoro Dio Mid Boots 01 Creative Recreation Satoro & Dio Mid Boots

Creative Recreation doesn’t just do sneakers – they do boots too, such as these Satoro and Dio Mid models. Water resistant black models for the wet and cold season, these boots are nothing more than the smart, stylish man’s way of surviving what mother nature has to throw at him.

Supra ‘Black Satin TUF Pack’

supra black satin tuf pack 1 Supra Black Satin TUF Pack

With warmer weather on the way, many a shoe fanatic will be eagerly breaking out the white kicks, but for those who desire a counterpoint to that, Supra’s new ‘Black Satin’ line is sure to satisfy. Taking four of their most popular silhouettes: the Thunder Low, Skytop, Valder, and TK Society, Supra has given them the Darth Vader treatment, completely blacking them out from top to bottom. Available for purchase at Kinetics.

A.P.C. X Nike Sportswear All Court – White/Black

APC 1 A.P.C. X Nike Sportswear All Court   White/Black

It seems like everytime you open up a GQ or an Esquire these days their style guide is trying to sell you on a pair of white canvas sneakers to use to dress down your office wear for some after-work party or a Saturday morning stroll. I know what you’re thinking: “Heyyy, not a bad idea…” You’re right! It’s not! But the problem with those style tips (if you’re a Nikehead) is that they always show you some pair of Adidas or some obscure Euro brand that looks a little bit too pointed to be comfortable.

Enter the Nike All Court with the A.P.C. minimalist touch. This isn’t the first time Nike got together with the renowned French denim specialists, but in this go around with a rubber toe and a leather heel tab the two have brought you exactly what you needed to pull of that ever pressing sartorial look: the end of the day suit with white sneakers.

Breathe easy Nike enthusiasts, loosen up your tie and check out A.P.C. at their online shop to pick up a pair.

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