Adidas Gazelle Blue/White


gazelle blue 3 Adidas Gazelle Blue/White The Adidas Gazelle is certainly one of the more popular and highly admired shoes in the Adidas archives, if not all of sneakers. The sleek and subtle style of this decades old design continues to inspire and is as relevant as it was when it first debuted. This blue and white edition should be no different. Coming in a blue suede with a vulcanized rubber sole, white laces and white stripes, this simplistic design still manages to stay true to the original while still coming off as a bit alternative.

Alife Gives Us “Chuck”

alife rgb lead Alife Gives Us ChuckAlife’s new shoe, “Chuck”, is a “dress” sneaker that has been in brown and black. This newest color set is blue, red, and green in a smooth suede. The shape of the shoe gives it the feel of a plain-toed dress shoe, but the look of the outsole makes it feel more like a sneaker. The juxtaposition of the two is enough to make anyone want a pair. Try them with your slacks, your jeans, and your cords…enjoy turning heads.
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