Creative Recreation Satoro & Dio Mid Boots

Creative Recreation Satoro Dio Mid Boots 01 Creative Recreation Satoro & Dio Mid Boots

Creative Recreation doesn’t just do sneakers – they do boots too, such as these Satoro and Dio Mid models. Water resistant black models for the wet and cold season, these boots are nothing more than the smart, stylish man’s way of surviving what mother nature has to throw at him.

Superdry Panner Work Boots

Superdry Panner Work Boots 1 Superdry Panner Work Boots

If you want to add a bit of substance and toughness to your look, pick up these Panner work boots from Superdry. A great looking pair of chunky leather boots, the mouth features a sloppy fold back design, giving the boots a distressed, worn out appearance. Available online now.

Tricker’s for Present Two-Tone Boots

Trickers for Present Two Tone Boots 01 Trickers for Present Two Tone Boots

Two of the first names in British menswear, Present, and Tricker’s come together to produce this gorgeous set of two-tone boots. Bold, simple, and masculine, yet laced with subtlety and class, these are the perfect shoes for the latter half of this year. The boldness of the men’s boot silhouette is offset by the classic broguing, giving these boots an air of class. Available at Present in London now.

Paul Smith Sand Suede Moccasin Boots

paul smith suede moccasin shoe selectism 0  Paul Smith Sand Suede Moccasin Boots

Paul Smith Sand Suede Moccasin Boots, available now, are a cool change from the moccasin styles we have been seeing. These suede boots feature a colorful pull-on tab as well as two red tabs for lacing that just make the shoe pop. They also look fabulous on your feet.

Esquivel 2010 Fall/Winter Boots Preview


esquivel 2010 fall winter boots preview Esquivel 2010 Fall/Winter Boots Preview

Cali’s Esquivel releases this image of a pair of shoes to be featured in the Esquivel 2010 Fall/Winter Boots Preview. A military styled boot, it comes in this wrinkly tan color with two-tone angular laces, and is constructed from a highly quality leather. Looking at this boot, you can tell that it can get the job done, especially in the wake of these last few weeks of winter.

Hardrige and colette Boots

hardrige colette boots 3 Hardrige and colette Boots
“Oh my goodness” maybe be one; of the many, phrases blurted out when a fine footwear connoisseur see’s these baby’s. French boot company,Hardrige, and premier French boutique, colette, have teamed up for a ridiculously beautiful boot collaboration. The boot is a super high-top with two full grain leather straps, premium leather upper, thick rubber sole, six eyelets for lacing, and a special knit leather ankle and toe. Also, on the outside of the upper is a special embossed “H” symbol representing Hardrige. These specially released today at colette.
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Volta Fall/Winter 2010 Boots at Bread & Butter

volta fw2010 boots 1 Volta Fall/Winter 2010 Boots at Bread & Butter
Bread & Butter has been doing a large amount of collaborations/partnerships with clothing and footwear companies lately; and this one with Volta is the newest one. Volta premiered their low top version of this boot at Bread & Butter when Volta first came out; and in my opinion, these boots are much nicer. Full of suedes and premium leathers, the boots come in colors of browns, beiges, blues, and grays, and the boot has a thick ribbed ankle. Enjoy.
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