Bernard Willhelm and Camper To&ether Project Sandals

Bernard Willhelm and Camper Toether Project Sandals 1 Bernard Willhelm and Camper To&ether Project Sandals

These To&ether Project Sandals by Belgian designer Bernard Willhelm in collaboration with Spanish footwear label Camper, have to be the most interesting sandals of Summer 2010. Constructed from a vulcanized rubber sole attached with leather straps, and tied together with climbing rope, it is an interesting take on fusing hiking and sneaker elements with the traditional sandal. Willhelm is continually pushing whimsical and quirky designs uncharacteristic of his fellow Belgian counterparts, and To&ether with Camper, will hopefully continue to push the envelope of how we define footwear. These bold and unique To&ether Project Sandals are available now through Oki-ni.