Christian Louboutin Fall / Winter 2010 Preview

Christian Louboutin Fall   Winter 2010 Preview 01 Christian Louboutin Fall / Winter 2010 Preview

We’ve got a quick preview at the first Christian Louboutins from the upcoming fall / winter 2010 collection. Featuring wild black-and-white zebra stripe on both, we’ve got one pair of studded slip-ons as well as a pair of desert boots with rich red contrast uppers. No word on when we’ll see them in stores yet.

Christian Louboutin ‘Rantus’ Sneaker

L1090805 Christian Louboutin Rantus Sneaker

The new offerings from Christian Louboutin have popped up, and they’re certainly a pleasure to see. The all star inspired canvas sneaks are full of little details that set them apart from the crowd. With an incredibly light color palette these shoes look more like cupcakes than canvas. The slight pink hew to the leather detail is grounded nicely by a mainly silver mesh upper, and all if it is given some kick with a candy red sole. Little hints like the stitching, leather inserts, and metallic emblems are signs of a well constructed shoe inspired by a classic, rather than a cheap knock off of one. Available at the Christian Louboutin shop in West Hollywood.