Edward Green ‘Cardiff’ Captoe Suede Blucher

DSC 0046 500x332 Edward Green Cardiff Captoe Suede Blucher

The beauty of chestnut coloured suede shoes, like this pair of captoe bluchers by Edward Green, is that they are as appropriate for autumn as they are for spring. Provided the weather is cooperating, you may even be able to get some mileage out of them during the winter. Just be sure to pick up some suede protector spray, and you’ll be good to go. 202 Last. Single Leather Sole.

Edward Green ‘Westminster’ Antique Olive Double Monk

DSC 00154 Edward Green Westminster Antique Olive Double Monk

Leffot have recently added another bold colour from Edward Green’s Westminster collection to their lineup. This unique antique olive colour is sure to set you apart from the standard brown and black double monk strap shoes that have been dominating the menswear scene for the last two years. Natural Sole Edge. Westminster 888 Last.

Edward Green Walnut Dover Shoe

DSC 00052 Edward Green Walnut Dover Shoe

Leffot are currently offering an extremely luxurious shoe by Edward Green that blurs the line between casual and elegant. This Dover shoe undergoes an extremely rigorous creation progress that requires not only skill but incredible patience. Each pair is sewn by expert craftsmen who use pigs bristles instead of metal needles, which is no simple task. In fact, prepping the thread itself is a major step that means combining several long strands and bonding them with wax then splitting the end of the bristle and lashing the thread to it. Made from sturdy walnut country calf leather and winter ready Dainite soles. Dover 606 Last.