Lacoste x La MJC Broadwick

Lacoste x La MJC Broadwick 01 Lacoste x La MJC Broadwick

Lacoste and La MJC team up for this special variant of the Lacoste Broadwick shoe. While the original Broadwick shoe is inspired by London style and refinement, the La MJC Broadwick is a love letter to Paris, it’s eclectic style, and sense of fun and whimsy. The tongue is stamped with Paris’s city motto; ‘Fluctuat nec mergitur’ It floats but it does not sink reflecting the city’s own curious duality and origins as a trade city on the banks of the Seine.

The uppers are seersucker, and the shoe is lined entirely in leather for that extra bit of comfort and luxury. Limited to 75 pairs, the shoes go on sale at colette in Paris on July 3rd.