Pierre Hardy – Spring/Summer 2010 – Footwear


pierre hardy ss10 footwear 8 570x427 Pierre Hardy   Spring/Summer 2010   FootwearThe new Pierre Hardy – Spring/Summer 2010 Footwear collection has just been released. Not straying to far from previous footwear collection, in terms of style, this new effort tries to recreate the ”simplicity” and edginess of last years very successful Nubuckorama jump offs. This time, however, there is greater selection of style including a white hi-top with blue and red leather piping. This same design also comes in all grey, black and navy suede. There is also a modified desert boot that comes in navy and grey with a tapered toe and a more fitting ankle.

Pierre Hardy Spring/Summer 2010 Trainers

ph12 Pierre Hardy Spring/Summer 2010 Trainers

Pierre Hardy rocks trainers in the Spring/Summer 2010 collection with a creative vision. A sophisticated array of D-ring loafers, high tops and time-honoured Hardy aesthetics makes the set versatile and varied. The colour palette is classic and functional, but definitely not bland or flavourless. Taking a stab at the D-ring can often result in cheap and simple footwear. Yet, with the attention to detail and focus towards quality that has come to characterize Pierre Hardy, it is no wonder that these trainers are worn only by the most confident and refined sneakerheads.

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