Bernard Willhelm and Camper To&ether Project Sandals

Bernard Willhelm and Camper Toether Project Sandals 1 Bernard Willhelm and Camper To&ether Project Sandals

These To&ether Project Sandals by Belgian designer Bernard Willhelm in collaboration with Spanish footwear label Camper, have to be the most interesting sandals of Summer 2010. Constructed from a vulcanized rubber sole attached with leather straps, and tied together with climbing rope, it is an interesting take on fusing hiking and sneaker elements with the traditional sandal. Willhelm is continually pushing whimsical and quirky designs uncharacteristic of his fellow Belgian counterparts, and To&ether with Camper, will hopefully continue to push the envelope of how we define footwear. These bold and unique To&ether Project Sandals are available now through Oki-ni.

Needles Summer 2010 Sandals

Needles Summer 2010 Sandals 01 Needles Summer 2010 Sandals

One of the interns was just mentioning the other day, that he needed new sandals for the summer of 2010 – how lucky then that we stumbled upon this look at the offerings Needles has this year! Available in a variety of modern-yet-masculine styles, including a cordovan double strap sandal and a double ring sandal, you can find them at Nepenthes stores now.

Jil Sander Footwear for Spring/Summer 2010

jil sander spring 2010 footwear 02 Jil Sander Footwear for Spring/Summer 2010
Beautiful, smooth, and perfect for the season, Jil Sander creates a very casual footwear line for Spring/Summer 2010. Full of black’s, beige’s, brown’s, and white’s the collection simply resonates with Spring and Summer. The collection includes four pairs of sandals for men, and four pairs of casual dress shoes as well. The sandals are a unique cross thong sandal, with a strap at the heel to support the foot, and another strap across the mid-foot. The sandals come in colors of white, black, off white, and beige, with either black or oak colored soles. Then comes the casual dress shoes with three eyelets in colors of white, black, gray, and a light beige. If you’re looking for that premier Spring/Summer footwear line, look no further.
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