Silent ‘High Leather Sneaker’

Picture 2 Silent High Leather Sneaker

Silent’s first collection has debuted, and if their High Leather Sneaker is any indication, its got some serious artsy quality to it. The hightop features a well distressed stone and tan leather with a stitched suede band across the toe cap. Tied together with a matching outsole and laces, Silent is obviously making quick strides towards popularity.

Available now at Oki-Ni

SILENT by Damir Doma

silent by damir doma 1.jpg SILENT by Damir Doma

Damir Doma’s new collection, called SILENT’s is centered around a shoe in three styles including low cut, mid cut and high cut. Each shoe features leather with suede detail on the upper cap seam and a leather lining for added comfort that will age into a beautiful vintage look. The shoe also includes a sturdy vulcanized rubber sole. Available now at oki-ni.