Ransom by Adidas Spring 2010 New Releases

Ransom by Adidas Spring 2010 New Releases 01 Ransom by Adidas Spring 2010 New Releases

The Ransom by Adidas line for spring 2010 sees some new releases with the Valley low and high dropping, as well as the Curb. The Valley Low is a low-profile silhouette but with a bright orange coloration, it’s a real attention seeker, while the Curb comes in a two-tone blue colorway, with suede detailing the leather. It’s the Valley High that really grabs our attention though – check out the gorgeous white leather! All three are available at the Niche Market now.

Nike Chase Video

Nike Japan releases this new ‘Chase’ video, a really eye-popping treat featuring some brilliant animation and storyboarding. Wearing a pair of purple hi-tops, the main character saves the city of Tokyo from rampaging robots. Remember, when life gives to you lemons, you make lemonade, and when life gives you hi-tops, you should use them to fight giant robots. Probably.

PRO-Keds Spring 2010 Video Lookbook

Check out this short film for PRO-Keds Spring 2010.

Written & Directed by Monihan Monihan (bricolagista.com)
Produced by Dante Ross (danteross.com)
Photographed by Jason Lewis (jasonglewis.com)
Lighting by James Garrett (jamesgarrettphotography.com)
Still Photo by Florian Böhm (florianboehm.com)
Styling by Annahita Kamali (annahitakamali.com)