Red Wing Shoes Classic Eight-Inch Moc Oro-ginal

Red Wing Shoes Classic Eight Inch Moc Oro ginal 1 Red Wing Shoes Classic Eight Inch Moc Oro ginal

Want some real rugged dependability? It doesn’t get tougher than Red Wing Shoes, and this classic Eight-Inch Moc Oro-ginal is as tough as they come. A tough as nails work boot with Traction tread no-slip crepe wedge soles, and all leather construction, this boot is built tough enough for whatever you can throw at it. Available online now.

Converse for Aloha Rag JP Zip Sneakers

Converse for Aloha Rag JP Zip Sneakers Converse for Aloha Rag JP Zip Sneakers

Converse teams up with Aloha Rag to craft these wild JP Zip sneakers. The inspiration for this sneaker is said to be New York City, and it’s eclectic, cosmopolitan style. To that end, a variety of styles and materials come together for this sneaker. Patent leather mids, buffalo leather details, rubber soles, brass zippers. Limited to 150 pairs, and available online now.

D.S Dundee Corbett Derby Contrast Leather Boots

D.S Dundee Corbett Derby Contrast Leather Boots 1 D.S Dundee Corbett Derby Contrast Leather Boots

Take a good hard look at these Corbett derby contrast leather boots from D.S Dundee, because they’re some of the finest boots you’ll see all season. Dundee does some great work, using unique pebbled and smooth leather to create some beautiful contrast effects on the uppers to create a lovely boot. Available online now.

Cedar Shoe Care Valet with Care Kit

Cedar Shoe Care Valet with Care Kit1 Cedar Shoe Care Valet with Care Kit

Take care of your fine shoes with this cedar shoe care valet, along with starter care kit. This solidly built piece of American carpentry is perfect for caring for your shoes, and the perfect platform for your brushing and polishing. To that end, the valet ships with two small tins of polish, two cloth polish applicators, and a small horsehair brush. A great addition to any shoe buff’s closet, you can find it at Nordstrom now.

Premiata Lace-Up Boot

Premiata Lace Up Boot 1 Premiata Lace Up Boot

When travelling, the last thing you want is to worry about your shoes. Thankfully, Premiata‘s tough leather lace-up boots ease that worry from your mind, producing a clean leather boot with a sturdy construction. The stacked heel provides plenty of rich support while you’re walking, while the leather provides protection against anything you might encounter. Available now from Farfetch.

Grenson High Shine ‘Abraham’ Derby

Grenson High Shine Abraham Derby 1 Grenson High Shine Abraham Derby

Grenson‘s Abraham is a highly polished black leather derby with a fine shine behind it. Grenson retains its production in the UK because they understand the importance of quality, and being able to oversee every step of production. From the stitching of the leather, to the polish of the finished toe, you’re guaranteed Grenson quality with each purchase. A fine shoe, you can find it online now.

CAFe’NOIR Tan Leather Boots

CafeNoir Tan Leather Boots CAFeNOIR Tan Leather Boots

CAFe’NOIR drops these intriguing tan leather boots, a sturdy pair of western inspired boots that brings a bit of durability and wearability to your feet this season. You see, CAFe’NOIR’s boots are made of soft sheepskin, and add a certain touch of workmanlike admiriability to any outfit. Available online now.

A.P.C. Brown Suede Moccasins

A.P.C. Brown Suede Moccasins 1 A.P.C. Brown Suede Moccasins

While it might be getting a bit too cold and a bit too wet outside to reasonably wear these brown suede moccasins from A.P.C. outdoors, that doesn’t put them any lower on our holiday wishlist. Rich brown suede is stitched together in France and finished off with a beautiful gold tone top buckle for that European sense of elegance. Available online now.

Grenson Tan Glenn Boots

Grenson Tan Glenn Boots 1 Grenson Tan Glenn Boots

Grenson releases a tan colored variant of its waxed canvas Glenn boots. The same waxed canvas and leather design we saw before is still present, but now in a pleasing light tan color, making it a fine light colored compliment to a darker outfit. Available now at gravitypope.