Loake Royal Brogue

Loake Royal Brogue 01 Loake Royal Brogue

Loake‘s Royal Brogue is the true ultimate in British country luxury. Featuring richest burgundy leather, and traditional wingtip broguing, luxury dress shoes like the Loake Royal is one of the hallmarks of a true gentleman’s wardrobe. For an old-school look, pair them with a herringbone suit, or with jeans and t-shirt for that new-school look. Available at Oi Polloi now.

Archie Brogues by Grenson

Archie Brogues by Grenson 01 Archie Brogues by Grenson

British shoemakers Grenson have crafted the ‘Archie’, the quintessential British brogue. Made from a rich tan leather, and featuring classic a sturdy, hard heel that evokes the spirit of the West Midlands of England, these shoes are perfect for that getaway out of the city you’ve been planning. Leave the patent leather in your apartment, and pick these brogues up from Number Six, and make your weekend a less stressful one with a trip out to the country.

Serpentine Brogue Shoes by Oliver Sweeney

Serpentine Brogue Shoes by Oliver Sweeney 01 Serpentine Brogue Shoes by Oliver Sweeney

Among the things the Brits know how to do well are tea, cricket, bureaucracy, and a good men’s shoe, as these Serpentine brogues by Oliver Sweeney prove. There’s no pretention and no attempt to force modernity onto tradition, these brogues are made in the classic style, with leather throughout, and a solid heel – perfect for traipsing through the Highlands. Get your own pair now at asos.

Adidas Consortium Micropacer Brogues

Adidas Consortium Micropacer Brogues 01 Adidas Consortium Micropacer Brogues

We know that when you think of Adidas, you think of Sambas, or Superstars, but these Micropacer Brogues made in association with Consortium are just spectacular. Don’t get us wrong – you’re not gonna be wearing these to any board meetings, but they’d make a killer walking shoe for dates in the city, or just when you’re staying in watching movies with friends. Adidas even considered that their usual market might not be familiar with brogue care, and is shipping these with polish, a brush, and a soft cloth. Very nice.

Mark McNairy & Restation ‘Longwing Brogue’

Mark McNairy Restoration Longwing Brogue 01 Mark McNairy & Restation Longwing Brogue

Mark McNairy and Restation have given an old classic a new spin, with this Longwing Brogue. Available in a classic bone-colored suede upper, with McNairy’s Red Brick sole for maximum comfort, it’s the small details that make these shoes. Maybe it’s the intricate detailing on the heel stamp, maybe it’s the fine punch-detailing on the uppers, but something about the finer things just makes this shoe.

Grenson & My Wardrobe Introduce Multi-colored Brogue

grenson mywardrobe multibrogue img 2 Grenson & My Wardrobe Introduce Multi colored Brogue

Grenson‘s got a beautiful multi-colored brogue coming exclusively to My Wardrobe. Featuring brown, red, blue and green panels, and crocodile print across the toe cap, this stunner also features creme colored stitch details that add the finishing touch. This is no average shoe, and would require a confident man to rock it with style, but we know you have just the right demeanor – so get out there and make your mark.