Paul Smith ‘Moccasin Boots’

paul smith suede moccasin shoe s 1 Paul Smith Moccasin Boots

Paul smith has released a great suede moccasin boot. There are plenty of boat-shoes, boots and moccasins on the market right now, but when one comes along that is so well conceived people are bound to take notice. The simple quality of construction and well thought out design are synonymous with the Paul Smith name, but the great thing about this boot is it’s lack of excess. There are no beads flying, no tassels flopping, and nothing that’s taking away more than it’s giving to the design.

Available now at My-Wardrobe

Paul Smith Sand Suede Moccasin Boots

paul smith suede moccasin shoe selectism 0  Paul Smith Sand Suede Moccasin Boots

Paul Smith Sand Suede Moccasin Boots, available now, are a cool change from the moccasin styles we have been seeing. These suede boots feature a colorful pull-on tab as well as two red tabs for lacing that just make the shoe pop. They also look fabulous on your feet.

Quoddy Grizzly Moccasin

09 04 2010 quoddy grizzlymoc peanut large  Quoddy Grizzly Moccasin

Quoddy’s Grizzly Moccasin is handsewn and features a layer of memory foam underneath the footbed for extra comfort. It’s leather upper and deerskin lining make for a luxurious finish and they can even be worn through wet conditions.