Serpentine Brogue Shoes by Oliver Sweeney

Serpentine Brogue Shoes by Oliver Sweeney 01 Serpentine Brogue Shoes by Oliver Sweeney

Among the things the Brits know how to do well are tea, cricket, bureaucracy, and a good men’s shoe, as these Serpentine brogues by Oliver Sweeney prove. There’s no pretention and no attempt to force modernity onto tradition, these brogues are made in the classic style, with leather throughout, and a solid heel – perfect for traipsing through the Highlands. Get your own pair now at asos.

Oliver Sweeney Spring/Summer 2010

oliver sweeney spring 2010 shoes selectism 0 Oliver Sweeney Spring/Summer 2010

Although stylish across the board, the Spring/Summer 2010 collection from Oliver Sweeney is divided into two focused groups: “London,” and “Goodyear Welted.” The former is the more contemporary of the two, characterized by washed soles and elegant shapes; the latter refers to a time honored construction method characterized by excellent ventilation and strength. Available for purchase at Oliver Sweeney.