BLK Cook Sandal by White Mountaineering

BLK Cook Sandal by White Mountaineering 01 BLK Cook Sandal by White Mountaineering

We’re not sure it’d be so smart to actually go mountaineering in these BLK Cook Sandals by White Mountaineering, but any foot injuries you suffered on the rocks would look infinitely cooler. Brilliant basic velcro sandals with a modern twist, they’re sort of like if Dior did sandals in their sleek, futuristic vibe. We once dreamed we were on a beach in futuristic Sweden with Bjork and Karl Lagerfeld. I believe they were both wearing these sandals.

Timberland’s White Mountaineering Boot

white mountaineering timberland 7 eye boots 1 Timberlands White Mountaineering BootWhite Mountaineering and Timberland have joined forces for a strong and rugged 7-eye hiker. The firm white outsole is perfect for tackling rough terrain and the zippered back makes for an easy escape if you get stuck in between “a rock…and a rock” or your feet are especially tired. The heavy suede and metal loopholes make for a tough shoe that you can hit the baddest of lands in. Enjoy.
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