Bed|Stu Almanza Suede Wingtip

Bed Stu Almanza Suede Wingtip 01 Bed|Stu Almanza Suede Wingtip

Bed|Stu goes a bit more upmarket with these Almanda suede wingtips. Featuring heavily distressed suede, they’ve got a bit of that casual recklessness that gives them a bit more depth and character than other wingtips. With a cushioned insole, they’re perfect for long nights out, when you’re not sure when you’ll see your own door again. Available now from Oak.

Kids Love Gaite ‘Wingtip’

KIDS LOVE GAITE for vendor Kids Love Gaite Wingtip

Kids Love Gaite have taken on a classic English wingtip for Vendor and thrown in their own Japanese styling. The casual-dress hybrids feature an all black colorway as well as a desert suede with even lighter tan laces; though both sit on the same bold, black sole. This shoe looks as comfy as it is sensible, proof that good things come out of increasing globalization.

Available on May 3 from Vendor