Dr. Marten’s ‘Croc Embossed’ Pascal Boot

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Dr. Martens Croc Embossed Pascal Boot 1 Dr. Martens Croc Embossed Pascal Boot

Dr. Marten‘s classic 8-eye Pascal Boot is given a ‘Croc Embossed’ makeover this summer exclusively for Front Row in Singapore. Like all the Doc Martens they stock, they are exclusive only to them, so fingers crossed you can get your hands on a pair of these. Instead of the usual multitude of colours, and smooth leathers, this crocodile embossing gives these Pascals a sense of luxury, power, and edge that is unprecedented to the Doc Martens brand.

edit: Thanks to reader TheDoc who was able to point out to us that Front Row is actually in Singapore, rather than Shanghai, as we had originally written.

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