Nozomi Ishiguro’s Custom Doc Martens

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Nozomi Ishiguros Custom Doc Martens Nozomi Ishiguros Custom Doc Martens

Nozomi Ishiguro has created a selection of custom Doc Martens, that pay homage to the boot’s heritage as a punk icon. Working under Junya Watanabe at Comme des Garcons MAN for twelve years, Ishiguro picked up a few things, and his experience there definitely shows in these brilliant Docs. Check out the beautiful studding, the classic punk spikes, and the inspired stitch work on the toes. In addition, Ishiguro is also offering some matching sweaters and hoodies, all of which are available now at KNIQ in Hong Kong.

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 Nozomi Ishiguros Custom Doc Martens

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2 thoughts on “Nozomi Ishiguro’s Custom Doc Martens

  1. Pipo,

    These were custom Docs, made by Nozomi Ishiguro, exclusively for KNIQ in Hong Kong. As it’s been a year since they’ve been released, they’re likely all gone by now.


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