Lacoste Niseko M3

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Although it isn’t officially written as so, I’d say it’s probably a fact that you cannot be in the sneaker manufacturing business for nearly 30 years unless you are putting out consistent heat… Lacostes new Niseko M3 Collection is a testament to that fact. Despite being overshadowed by the bigger players in the game like Nike and Adidas the oft-overlooked Lacoste has been putting out well-engineered, fashion-forward athletic shoes since the early 80’s that only real sneakerheads or old tennis junkies might remember. This drop comes in a low and high top version that even the most dedicated Polo Ralph Lauren-head would find both comfortable and stylish – go ahead, mix it up and show your respect to an architect of the game we all love so much.

Expect these to only come through Southeast Asia, head to Lacoste to check the stocklists.

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 Lacoste Niseko M3

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 Lacoste Niseko M3

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