Nike Sportswear Blazer High (VNTG)

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Blazer VNTG 1 Nike Sportswear Blazer High (VNTG)If you happen to be one of the aforementioned sneakerheads unwilling to sacrifice your athletic image you can still get down with some Nike Sportswear Blazers of the Vintaged variety. This light grey pack is said to have been inspired by the timeless rivalry of the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Though we didn’t see the epic showdown this past post season you can still rep for the Yanks and Red Sox fans can throw them on ice because hey, “there’s always next year…”

Part of the Holiday Collection you can pre-order yours now from Kix-Files.

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Source: Kix-Files

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 Nike Sportswear Blazer High (VNTG)

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 Nike Sportswear Blazer High (VNTG)

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  1. These Blazers are seriously dope, and amazingly comfortable. I’ve got a pair in royal blue suede. Highly recommended.

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