MS & Co. Cloth Shoe Bag

clothshoe clothshoebag 5 MS & Co. Cloth Shoe Bag

Give your shoes a welcomed place to catch some Z’s after a long day’s work in one of these cloth shoe bags by MS & Co. The two-toned design is probably not something you’re used to seeing from generic cloth bags that generally come packaged with a pair of decent quality shoes. Made from 11oz duck canvas and a heavy weight corduroy. Tan leather drawstring cord closure.

Rugby Ralph Lauren Scottish Tartan Slipper

 Rugby Ralph Lauren Scottish Tartan Slipper

Rugby Ralph Lauren have been churning out slippers in velvet, tweed and pretty much every other fabric you can imagine since the brand’s inception. This autumn Rugby has introduced a wool tartan slipper that are benchmade in England by Bowhill & Elliott. Finished with slim cording around the foot opening. Diamond-quilted padded insole. Sturdy leather sole. Made in England.

Happy Socks FW 2011 Lookbook

happysocks 01 Happy Socks FW 2011 Lookbook

Happy Socks
, Sweden’s most beloved sock makers have just released their fall winter lookbook. Keeping with their fun times, no worries attitude, the collection is a familiar wash of colour, stripes and happiness. Enjoy these pics shot by the famous Bill Gentle, aka “Backyard Bill,” and watch for the new styles in stores this fall.

WTAPS Espadrille Sandals

wtaps Espadrille Sandals WTAPS Espadrille Sandals

Oh boy, the espadrille thing is showing itself in a plethora of styles this summer. These latest from WTAPS take a contemporary beach sandal and fit it with the arts and crafts look of the espadrille sole.

Avery simple canvas cross strap design, makes the upper. We have more than a few concerns with the synthetic lining of the straps. One would think a non natural material might get a bit sweaty in the heat. But a utility loop means you can strap them to your pack until you are safely at your relaxation destination. We’re not huge on flip flops around here, but we’ll give these guys a solid 7/10. Available in grey or navy, through Firmament in Berlin.

Nike ‘Better World’ Video

In a quirky animated video by Nike dubbed “Better World” and narrated by chairman Phil Knight, the company jumps on the global-citizen, eco-friendly train at long last. A brief history and future plans are presented, and we’re glad to see Nike finally bounce back from that sweatshop scandal. Good job Nike, use your powers for good, not evil.

Sneaker Paintings by Joe DeLorenzo

Sneaker Paintings by Joe DeLorenzo 4 Sneaker Paintings by Joe DeLorenzo

Nike must really be enjoying their sneaker icon status, what with painters now centering artwork around their shoes. Oil painter Joe DeLorenzo may be the new kid on the block in terms of sneaker art, but he’s certainly caught our attention. A Philadelphia-based artist, he takes a more realistic approach to the kicks, making his paintings closer to fine sneaker art (is there such a thing? maybe there is now…) than street art.

Toddland Wood Plank Flip Flop

Toddland Wood Plank Flip Flop Toddland Wood Plank Flip Flop

If you’ve been desperately searching for a socially acceptable flip flop to wear this summer, check out these wood plank printed flip flops by Toddland. These sandals manage to be quirky yet understated, using the classic molded rubber flip flop shape with printed detailing, and the Toddland logo badge at the strap. Summer’s finally upon us, so run over to any Urban Outfitters or visit their online store to get your go-to beach shoe.

Gourmet Shoes Launches Online Store

Gourmet Shoes Gourmet Shoes Launches Online Store

Possibly one of the most frustrating things a company can do in the 21st century is neglect to make their products available online, which is why the launch of Gourmet Shoes‘ new online store has us practically cheering. Not only does it utilize a clean-cut, easily navigate-able design, but the online store is also surprisingly sophisticated considering it’s recent launch. One can just hover over each shoe for basic information, click on it for more details and bigger pictures, while the navigation menu stays in one place no matter where you go on the site. Visit it and start shopping today at

The White Knight / Black Hat Guide

The White Knight Black Hat Guide The White Knight / Black Hat Guide

The only thing better than a comic book is a FREE comic book, which makes May 7th – better known to all the heroes & villains out there as ‘Free Comic Book Day’ – one to highlight on your X-Men calendar.

To celebrate, EveryGuyed and Moxy Creative asked one of our trusty caped crusaders, James Alexander Mathers, to illustrate our go-to guide outlining what it takes to master the aesthetic of good & evil.

Whether you’re going all MacGyver with a paperclip & an elastic band, or getting busy training your unholy army of flying monkeys, just follow these simple steps & before you know it you’ll be saving that damsel, or destroying the earth! Check out both White Knight and Black Hat pages on EveryGuyed here.

Amsterdam Shoe Company & The Shoe Buff Deck Oxford Giveaway

Amsterdam Shoe Company The Shoe Buff Deck Oxford Giveaway 1 Amsterdam Shoe Company & The Shoe Buff Deck Oxford Giveaway

The Amsterdam Shoe Company and The Shoe Buff are happy to announce this giveaway we have planned for a new pair of deck oxfords from the Amsterdam Shoe Company!

The Amsterdam Shoe Company has been kind enough to offer up a pair of their beautiful canvas deck oxfords to a member of our loyal Twitter family. One pair of your choice of deck oxfords, in your choice of one of four colors. The shoes up for grabs range in size from EU 40 to 46 (7.5 to 12 US).

The contest is now closed. Thank you to all the people who entered this contest. The response has been overwhelming. Stay tuned to the Shoe Buff for more great giveaways, and be sure to visit The Amsterdam Shoe Company to see what else they have in store!