Stussy x Chubasco ‘Aztec’ Sandals

stussy chubasco aztec sandals 1 Stussy x Chubasco Aztec Sandals

Another interesting release is coming from Stussy this week. The California brand teamed up with outdoor sport sandals manufacturer from San Diego Chubasco on the ‘Aztec’ Sandal for Summer 2012. Reminding us of the Nike Woven styles, the sandal comes in two colorways and will release on May 24th, 2012.

Deluxe x Loake Loafers

deluxe loake loafer 0 Deluxe x Loake Loafers

Deluxe collaborates with shoe maker Loake for Spring/Summer 2012. Together the two present two suede penny loafers – one coming in black/blue, the other one in brown, both featuring a Crepe outer sole and contrasting stitching on the upper. Look out for these at Deluxe retailers this week.

SASQUATCHfabrix. ‘Japonism’ Sandal

sasquatchfabrix japonism sandals 1 SASQUATCHfabrix. Japonism Sandal

Japanese outfit SASQUATCHfabrix. has produced a great sandal for when the mercury rises in the form of this ‘Japonism’ model. The sandal features a wicker base, with contrasting black piping forming the upper straps as well as the ‘outsole’. It’s an interesting design, part ancient Japanese heritage, part chunky modernist fashion piece. Not for everyone, its definitely a unique piece for the summer sartorialist. The ‘Japonism’ sandal from SASQUATCHfabrix. will retail for $2,670 HKD (around $343 USD).

Stubbs & Wootton Embroidered Velvet Slippers

310966 mrp e2 xl Stubbs & Wootton Embroidered Velvet Slippers

Cult Palm Beach label Stubbs & Wootton is renowned for its elegant yet quirky velvet slippers, like this handsomely handmade velvet pair embroidered with a shark’s jaw and crown motif. Inspired by a whimsical tale of the Duke of Windsor’s narrow escape from a shark attack thanks to his quick-thinking pugs, this off-beat design is sure to dispel any stuffy connotations. Handmade in Spain.

Industry of All Nations Sport Espadrilles

industry of all nations espadrilles 1 Industry of All Nations Sport Espadrilles

Based on what we’re seeing, it looks like the espadrille is going to be the go-to shoe for summer, & Industry of All Nations is throwing their hat in the ring with these beauties. Sticking to the brand’s mission of global sustainability, the shoes are made in Argentina “by the original Alpargatas factory who have been making them for the past 100 years.” These new additions to their espadrille line-up come in denim and white and will biodegrade when you finally decide to cast them away as the mercury drops. Available now online.

How to Polish a Pair of Dress Shoes

3420068491 d3cc3ef128 How to Polish a Pair of Dress Shoes

With a good pair of leather shoes starting at around $100 & going well north of that, it’s essential to protect ones investment by taking the time to properly maintain them. A high-quality pair of dress shoes should last a man decades, & a little bit of time & money spent in upkeep will save hundreds – if not thousands – in repair & replacement costs over the life of a shoe.

Polishing your shoes:

1. Wipe your shoes down with a damp cloth to remove superficial dirt and stains.

2. Wet the welt brush and scrub out the entire welt strip.

3. If the shoes need it, apply sole-edge dressing — carefully. If you get it on the uppers, it will stain them permanently. Let edge dressing dry before going any further.

4. Apply polish, using a circular rubbing motion. You don’t need to slather it on. You don’t need to be gentle. And the more you rub, the better. Let the polish dry. It should take about five minutes.

5. Buff the entire shoe with a polishing brush. For extra gleam, hold the shoe between your knees and buff the toe vigorously with a lint-free cloth.

Required Materials

You’ll need the right tools — just a few, but each with a crucial purpose.

Shoe polish: Kiwi wax-based polish is as good a brand as any other. (Cream polishes, applied with a brush, may be easier to use, but they won’t give you the same shine.) And you don’t need every color under the sun. Black, of course; a chestnut or darker brown; and something middling or neutral for light-colored shoes.

Welt brush: Looks like a toothbrush (and you can use one in its place). It’s designed to get the grit out of the welt, the seam where the shoe’s upper joins the sole. You’d be amazed how much dirt gets in there.

Polishing cloth:
In lint-free cotton or linen. Use the same one for putting on the polish that you use for buffing, regardless of the color you’re using. And hang on to it: The longer you use the same cloth, the more it becomes suffused with rich oils and dyes.

Polishing brush:
Used to get a high shine out of the shoe once you’ve got all that wax into the leather. Horsehair is recommended.

Sole dressing: The edge of the sole takes a scuffing from doorjambs and sidewalks. Restore the pristine look of your shoes with an edge dressing, applied with a small craft brush or a cotton swab.

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie Travel Slippers & Bracelets Autumn/Winter 2012

want les essentiels fall 2012 3 WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie Travel Slippers & Bracelets Autumn/Winter 2012

Montreal’s WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie presents an all-Japan produced pair of zip-flat slippers and bracelets made from the same leathers and  zippers found on the WANT bags. The zip-flat slippers image tells the whole story of their function while the bracelets are even easier.

Video: Berluti x Art of Craftsmanship

70658698 640 Video: Berluti x Art of Craftsmanship

Berluti and the Art of Craftsmanship have teamed up to bring us a short video highlighting the process of assembling Berluti footwear. If you can bear through the smooth transitions and rotating visuals that heavily resemble a big budget car commercial, then you might just appreciate this. We should probably warn you that the visuals are accompanied by a MIDI version of the Coldplay hit “Viva La Vida” that’s, well, interesting. On second thought, it might be best viewed muted.

MS & Co. Cloth Shoe Bag

clothshoe clothshoebag 5 MS & Co. Cloth Shoe Bag

Give your shoes a welcomed place to catch some Z’s after a long day’s work in one of these cloth shoe bags by MS & Co. The two-toned design is probably not something you’re used to seeing from generic cloth bags that generally come packaged with a pair of decent quality shoes. Made from 11oz duck canvas and a heavy weight corduroy. Tan leather drawstring cord closure.

MS & Co. Grey Mocc Socks (3-Pack)

moccsock 3pack 1 MS & Co. Grey Mocc Socks (3 Pack)

MS & Co. are filling the void of limited options when it comes to mocc socks. While you can easily find white and black ones at many large big box retailers, it’s relatively harder to find options as simple as grey. And while the white and black styles available generally disguise the fact that you’re wearing socks, they can sometimes peak out around the sides of your shoes. If you’ve experienced this, you know what I’m talking about. The nice thing about grey is that it’s not as stark as white; and in the event they do show slightly when you’re wearing a lighter pair of shoes, they’ll won’t be as noticeable as black or white.