Viberg Scout Boot

viberg scout boots 01 Viberg Scout Boot

The Viberg Scout is a new, limited edition release and can only be found at Oki-ni. The boot is similar in style to a construction boot and is made up of earth tone colors including a moss green Hemp paneling and a 6.5oz dark brown oiled leather and rough suede upper.

The family run business was established in 1931 and this particular boot takes 218 steps to create by an expert craftsmen using only top of the line materials.

viberg scout boots 02 Viberg Scout Boot

Viberg Scout Boot

vibergscout1 Viberg Scout BootPart of Canadian boot maker Viberg’s Japanese line, the Scout boot is a stylish, durable workhorse. The boot mixes colours and materials, breaking up the charcoal grays of the rough leather toe and smooth oiled heel with a heavy-grade cream hemp upper. Viberg’s boots tend to be pricey, but for good reason: their manufacturing process is meticulous, comprised of 218 individual steps, all carried out by hand, using the finest materials available. Here’s an in-depth look at their process courtesy of Inventory Magazine. The Scout boot will be available via oki-ni this December.

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Viberg Boot Factory Visit

Nestled in the heart of downtown Victoria, B.C. is Viberg Boot. Home to three generations of master craftsmen, the Viberg tradition involves making the best quality leather boots available. While they’ve traditionally made footwear for logging and labouring, the family owned & operated company is now finding success in lifestyle markets halfway around the world in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the UK.

Inventory Magazine paid the Viberg factory a visit to find out more about what makes Viberg such a special company in todays mass produced world. The answer: hand-made quality right down to the brass tacks. Literally.