Stussy Deluxe x Dr. Marten’s Spring 2010

stussy docs wrap 1 Stussy Deluxe x Dr. Martens Spring 2010
Stussy Deluxe and Dr. Marten’s continue their collaborative efforts with “the Wrap,” set to drop next spring. This sneaker is awfully fresh, evoking a hybrid of a classic Vans canvas lace-up and a Clark’s Wallabee. Available at EASTWESTWORLDWIDE come Spring 2010. Detailed looks at all three colourways after the jump.

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Chatham Marine Deck Shoes

chatham marine deck shoe 1 Chatham Marine Deck Shoes
For the casual wearer, Sperry has become the deck shoe’s alpha and omega. True aficionados, on the other hand, know there’s a whole host of labels making shoes as stylish, comfortable, and functional as the vaunted Top-Sider. Chatham Marine, a British company based in Exeter, has been at it for twenty years, and it shows. Aesthetically, their deck shoe isn’t far removed from Sperry’s or Quoddy’s, but they’ve included a few key design features, including a padded tongue, and if you wear your deck shoes anything like I do, you’ll appreciate that Chatham’s are one hundred percent machine washable. Available at When We Were Casuals and at Chatham’s online store.
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Viberg Scout Boot

vibergscout1 Viberg Scout BootPart of Canadian boot maker Viberg’s Japanese line, the Scout boot is a stylish, durable workhorse. The boot mixes colours and materials, breaking up the charcoal grays of the rough leather toe and smooth oiled heel with a heavy-grade cream hemp upper. Viberg’s boots tend to be pricey, but for good reason: their manufacturing process is meticulous, comprised of 218 individual steps, all carried out by hand, using the finest materials available. Here’s an in-depth look at their process courtesy of Inventory Magazine. The Scout boot will be available via oki-ni this December.

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SASQUATCHfabrix. Plane Toe Toe

sasquatchfabrixptt11 SASQUATCHfabrix. Plane Toe Toe
SASQUATCHfabrix. isn’t pulling any punches with it’s Plane Toe Toe shoe, an eccentric take on the tried-and-tested Oxford shape – think Where the Wild Things Are go business casual. The Plane Toe Toe’s focal point is its fur exterior, laid over the laces and upper, but that’s not its only notable design feature: the shoe is entirely deep brown suede, and boasts a Vibram outsole. The design’s unorthodox, but heads on the bleeding edge might consider making it a cold-weather staple. Available now at Dedue.

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Clark’s x Barbour Fabrics Wallabee

clarksbarbour1 Clarks x Barbour Fabrics Wallabee

Perhaps dreamed into existence by noted Wallabee enthusiast Ghostface Killah, this collaboration between Clark’s and Barbour is just a sample, not intended for production. It’s a shame, too – the cracked, burgundy leather piping and heel appliqué are awfully fresh, and the classic Wallabee shape paired with the gritty durability of Barbour’s fabrics would make any collaboration a must-own. Here’s hoping this sample is a sign of things to come – keep your ears to the ground for news of a production run.

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Terence Koh x Converse x Opening Ceremony

kohconverseoc1 Terence Koh x Converse x Opening Ceremony

Terence Koh, a New York-based, Chinese-Canadian artist, has collaborated with Converse and Opening Ceremony on a literally seamless reworking of the Chuck Taylor. His clean, minimalist design adds by subtracting. Says Koh: “I wanted to keep the DNA of the Chuck Taylor intact, while reducing the seams, and smoothing out the shoe’s surface as much as possible.” The antithesis of a chunky, neon throwback, Koh’s sleek sneaker is grounded in complimentary rather than domineering design principles.

Part of Converse’s 1HUND(RED) project, a portion of sales will fund the fight against AIDS in Africa. Cop quickly and rock with a clean conscience. Available at Opening Ceremony and other select retailers on November 21.

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Abington Hiker Boot

abington hiker boot 01 Abington Hiker Boot

In the past year, this workwear trend has gone from burgeoning to ubiquitous, with every label trying to roll out a slice of classic Americana.  Abington, Timberland’s premium line, has been at it for years, crafting line after line of rugged, durable footwear. Their latest hiking boot just confirms that practice makes perfect. Each pair is made with rich, premium leather from Horween Leather Co. (a Chicago-based company founded in 1905), a melton wool collar,  and a Vibram outsole – suffice to say, they’ll stand up to the elements. The Abington Hiker is an excellent option for anyone looking for a warm, sturdy, stylish winter boot. More photos after the jump.

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